Cultivator and fertilizer applicator Fertis

Cultivator and fertilizer applicator Fertis is especially suitable for deep row cultivation and aeration of soils – strip till technology up to the depth of 35 cm. It also ensures targeted application of reserve fertilization in two depths (to the seeds and to the roots) – due to which it is possible to decrease the applied amount of fertilizers while maintaining the required yields. The machine enables creation of distinctive ridges on the soil surface to maintain winter humidity, anti-erosion measure, basic soil preparation, creation of ridges in autumn (heavy and medium soils) and light soils in spring, ridge soil processing and fertilization under maize.

Cultivator and fertilizer applicator FertisGreatest benefits of our solution:

  • strip till differentiated soil processing up to the depth of 35 cm
  • application of reserve fertilization
  • 2 levels of the depth of fertilizer
  • minimizing technology
  • savings in fuel and fertilizer consumption