Falcon Compact Seed Drill

Falcon Compact is a compact, simplified version of the Falcon Seed Drills, developed for medium-size and small farmers for establishing crops after tillage, deep cultivation as well as stubble cultivation with fixed equipment. The Falcon Compact Seed Drill is designed for farmers who prefer narrow packer wheels, a large bin capacity and the inter-row spacing of 150 mm.

The basic equipment includes a large hopper with the capacity of 3,000 L, an unloaded disc pre-processing section and control electronics. The rubber-tyre roller compacts the soil in front of each drill coulter and prepares the seedbed. The double-disc coulters with a press-wheel ensure quality and reliable sowing.

Falcon Compact Seed DrillGreatest Advantages of Our Design:

  • A simple, unloaded and compact structure
  • Sowing all common crops in the universal row spacing of 150 mm
  • A short, compact frame with a large bin and excellent manoeuvrability
  • Reliable control electronics: Drill Control by Muller Elektronik
  • Only three hydraulic circuits required