Farmet at Agritechnica Hannover 2017

Farmet is again presenting itself on the large area of the AGRITECHNICA Hannover 2017 World Exhibition.

Falcon 6 PRO FERT+ in France

The pleasant weather in October was perfect for organising a tour of the Falcon 6 PRO FERT+ Seed Drill in cooperation with our business partners in France. The customers in Deux-Sevres, Grand-Est and Normandy were mainly interested in its modularity, the wide range of application, such as minimisation as well as standard technology, sowing two crops with or without additional fertilisation under all conditions and with all technologies – after tillage, stubble cultivation, mulching, also without any seedbed preparation.

Falcon SW – Sowing Winter Crops with 9m Width

After sowing oil seed rape, Falcon SW quickly switched from the new pre-processing chisel STRIP section with a packer and the rear seeding section to sowing winter crops with the 9-metre-wide seeding section and coulter spacing of 12.5cm.

2017 Farmet Company Days – A Look Back

A look back at the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the foundation of Farmet a.s. on 7 / 9 June 2017.

Falcon SW Tour

The work with new strip-drill sections on rapeseed fields have started and now continues with sowing other winter crops in configuration for wide-row sowing.

Falcon Tour 2017 Was Successfully Commenced by Sowing Colza

We have commenced the active demonstration of the Falcon modular sowing machine in the soil conditions at the customers. We perform colza growth establishment in the STRIP modification with spacing of 25 cm with the possibility of depositing the fertiliser in the root zone. The commencement of the Falcon Tour took place with Nahoranska a.s. by sowing into medium stubble ploughed under with fertilising using a combined fertiliser.

Video-reports from Farmet Company Days – 25th anniversary

On the first day, we welcomed our business partners and some of our key clients from the entire business network. The second day was accessible to the public, including the active demonstrations of the work done by our machines and technologies. Throughout the day, there was an active presentation of growing technologies by the Agricultural Machinery division and a comprehensive overview of the Oil & Feed Tech division. In the afternoon, visitors could enjoy the Farmet Family Day intended primarily for the company´s employees and their families. The third day was internal. In the morning, work meetings and meetings with employees were held. In the evening, a celebration of the 25th anniversary of Farmet´s existence kicked off and offered a rich programme.

Celebration of the 25th anniversary of the existence of the company Farmet

Farmet Company Days in Česká Skalice started with a conference with business partners and key clients. More than 900 guests from all over the world gathered at well-equipped large-capacity premises. The main points on the agenda included the following: welcoming Farmet´s guests and reminding them of the main milestones in the history of the Agricultural Machinery division and Oil & Feed Tech division. The third part was devoted to the present and to our visions for the future. The main message given by the managing director and Farmet´s owner, Ing. Karel Žďánský, was that he wants to build the company on family foundations and further develop comprehensive services for our customers.

New Falcon 6 PRO Fert+ & Micro Drill

The Falcon modular seed drill equipped with a disc pre-processing section and additional fertilization with disc applicators has started working in the north of Europe. The machine is also equipped with Micro Drill – a system for sowing small seeds.

Farmet Company Day - 25 years of existence

We would like to kindly invite you to Farmet Company Day which will also be a celebration of the 25th anniversary of the company´s establishment.