Pneumatic sowing machine Monsun MC

Pneumatic sowing machine Monsun MC is especially suitable for row sowing of wide range of crops (cereals, legumes, oilseeds, grasses). It is characterized by precise dosage of seeds in the range from 2 to 350 kg. It is also intended for combination with rotary harrows on one type. The seed hopper is located above the rotary harrows which optimizes the position of the gravity centre. There are hydraulically controlled markers that are mounted directly on the rotary harrows. The machine can also be used separately when mounted to a universal chassis – the markers are remounted on this universal chassis. It is intended for small and medium areas.

Pneumatic sowing machine Monsun MCGreatest benefits of our solution:

  • sowing after ploughing in the processed soil
  • possibility of aggregation with the machine for soil preparation
  • light carried design
  • large seed hopper
  • very low traction resistance