Verso delights!

On Good Friday a new Verso 8 was in operation around the Labe´s race and presented the pre-sowing preparation after the autumn ploughing. Even there was a high level of underground water and last days were rainy and furrow slices featured high humidity, somewhere even the water, the final result was very good. The brand new Verso 8 fully showed its advantages, namely its great throughput when working under wet conditions.

Cultivator Fantom 1250 PRO

ZEKO Dyjákovice is an agricultural company situated in the region of Znojmo, near borders with Austria. This and many other surrounding agricultural entities in the south of Moravia belong to the group AGROSERVIS TRADING a.s. The total surface of treated soil exceeds 19 000 ha of which about 7 000 ha will be sown with grain maize this spring.

Workshop Focused on Technology and Products

On 19 and 20 March 2018, Farmet hosted an intensive workshop focused on new technologies and latest novelties in the production programme, attended by a large group of sales representatives and service technicians from all over Russia, including Siberia.

Expanding Storage Facilities for Spare Parts

We at Farmet are aware of the fact that 100% of the utility value of our machines is their flawless operation in the fields when customers need them the most. Therefore, we have decided to expand our storage facilities and we have created a separate storage for spare parts with its own operating staff, and we are planning to further innovate and expand this facility in the coming years.

Farmet expands in the US

Presentation of Farmet machines at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky, 14.-17.2.2018. The Kentucky Exposition Center is completely filled with 860 exhibitors, making it the largest and the most important indoor farm show in the USA.

Verso Not Only In Spring

The Verso cultivator is mainly suitable for seedbed preparation, not only after tillage, but also after stubble cultivation.

Capacity doubling

We gradually implemented special working place for production of KOMPAKTOMAT machines since the beginning of the New Year. Hereby we doubled the capacity and cut delivery time already for this year’s spring season. Now we satisfy more customers.

Timely Service Saves Time and Money

An agricultural machine has to deal with various laws of physics and soil conditions when in operation, which can often bring some struggles and sometimes even damage. We can influence the time and financial demands of a repair only by timely responding to a change in the behaviour of the machine and an inspection.

The Main Season and Demonstrations Are Coming!

The main season is inevitably approaching and it is time to think about machine demonstrations. Most dealers consider demonstrations to be the best sales promotion available, so let’s do it!

Farmet Is Investing into Expansion of Production

On the basis of the increasingly growing demand and positive signals from the markets, Farmet has launched an extensive project of new investments into further expansion of the production capacities of the Česká Skalice plant (CZ) in 2018.