Agricultural machinery division presentation

Agricultural Machinery Division is involved in the development, production and sale of agricultural machines, especially those designed for soil treatment and sowing. It is a wide range of machines, altogether of our own development and construction, designed for modern agricultural production (share breaker-ups, disk plough-harrows, presowing combinators, chisel and deep cultivators, sowing machines, sewage containers, rollers, packers, etc.).

In the Czech Republic there are many large, medium and small agricultural enterprises and farms that have various types of soils from light sandy to heavy loamy soils and from extensive lowlands to rugged foothill areas. These various soil and climatic conditions create a wide range of required technologies which enable us to successfully develop machines for both European and Asian markets.

We offer effective and reliable solutions for the processing of the soil and sowing both for large enterprises and smaller farms with the working span from 2 to 16 metres. Each customer is important and inspiring for our company.

The Farmet Company successfully exports its products to 27 countries in Europe, Asia, North America, Africa and Oceania. The company Farmet sells its products in all export countries through an extensive net of sales representatives which is strengthened continuously. If you are interested in becoming a business partner of the company Farmet and offering products of the Farmet product range in your country, get more information about conditions of possible cooperation by e-mail.

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