Pneumatic sowing machine Monsun ME

Pneumatic sowing machine Monsun ME is especially suitable for row sowing of wide range of crops (cereals, legumes, oilseeds, grasses). It is characterized by precise dosage of seeds in the range from 2 to 350 kg and working span of 5-8 m. Monsun ME is intended for independent sowing or aggregation with the machine for soil preparation. The machine is equipped with two feeders with central adjustment of sowing and it is hydraulically foldable to the transport width of 3 m.

Pneumatic sowing machine Monsun MEGreatest benefits of our solution:

  • sowing after ploughing in the processed soil
  • possibility of aggregation with the machine for soil preparation
  • light carried design
  • large seed hopper
  • very low traction resistance


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Drill coulters

X-Disk drill coulters

They are designed for conventional or minimizing sowing into mulch in the heaviest soils with large amount of plant residues. The mutual displacement and turning of the disks enables sowing during dry climatic conditions as well as under increased soil humidity. The housing of the disks prevents blocking of the seeds, sticking of soil to the disks and their subsequent clogging.

Knife coulters

The unit is suitable for light types of soils with small amount of plant residues. The closing flap prevents blocking during reverse movement. Easily overcomes obstacles, such as stones and clods.

Optional equipment

Hydraulic drive of the fan
Mechanical drive of the fan
Carrier of harrows with harrowing springs
Stairs approaching the hopper
Hydraulic folding of the coulter carrier
Hydraulically foldable markers
Hydraulically controlled preemergent markers
Tractor trail cultivators
Stamping wheel behind X-coulter
Half of the sowing can be eliminated
Reductions covers of the separator
Flap of the track row

1 pcs in addition to the standard number.

Double pressure of coulters

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