FE 4000

The extruder FE 4000 is our premium product, suitable for applications in feed industry and also, in combination with the high-capacity press FS 4015, for the extrusion pressing technology. Modern design and emphasis on maximum functionality and processing quality are the main assets of this machine.

The working unit of this extruder is able to press the material inside under great pressures, and heat it up to a high temperature, which makes it suitable for feed-related applications. The extrusion process facilitates the removal of some anti-nutritional substances from the feed, as well as a change in texture, expansion and sterilization of the feed, gelatinization of starch, and denaturation of proteins. In the applications for ruminants, extrusion leads to an increase in the content of by-pass protein. In general, extrusion leads to a tastier and more nutritious feed.

The extruders are offered in two variants: dry and wet extrusion; additionally, the line can be supplemented with the steam conditioner FK 4000.