New system for automatic section control of Farmet sowing machines (section control)

Farmet has launched a new system of switching sowing sections (section control). It is based on shut-off/overflow flaps operated by pressure air which enables very quick seed flow closing to coulters without airflow cutting-off. In connection with automated GPS navigation, 2 up to 64 sections can be controlled. It is therefore possible to close each individual coulter of a narrow row seed drill with a working width of up to 9 meters and quickly and efficiently for optimum connection of individual working rides on rugged land and long wedges.

Main system advantages

  • Pneumatic operating by pressure air 2 bar
  • Shutting off with special clamping rubber element
  • Quick shutting off and opening – in 0,5 sec.
  • Low power consumption
  • 2-64 separately automatically switched sections
  • Maintain airflow to the coulter when seed flow is closed
  • Gradual sections closing is synchronized with electro drive of seed dispenser
  • High operational resistance and lifetime
  • Easy replacement of the rubber clamp element

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