For the cooling of press cakes and extrudate we have developed a series of coolers, which are specially designed for cooling of these materials. For subsequent storage, it is important that the material is properly cooled, whether it is the extrudate or press cakes. The cooling process also removes extra moisture from the material.

The cooling technology developed by Farmet is adaptable to any technology. This ensures proper cooling down to the storage temperature. Our series of coolers offers equipment of diverse capacities: from 500 kg to 5,000 kg of material.

The vibration-based coolers FD are meant mainly for cooling of extrusion products. Their advantage is that along with cooling down the extrudate, they also remove extra moisture from it. The coolers based on the counter-current system are offered in versions either for press cake cooling or extrudate cooling. These coolers represent efficient solutions for cooling and moisture removal for medium and large-scale production capacities.


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