CPP - Cold Pre-pressing

Technology of cold pre-pressing does not involve any mechanical or heat treatments of the seed prior to expression. The seeds are directly supplied to and compressed by the expeller press, which is configured as a pre-press, that is, with larger profile for the passage of material and working at lower pressures. This results in lower yield, but also a lower degree of cell damage. Cold pre-pressing is not suitable for subsequent extraction as the low degree of cell damage significantly decreases effectiveness (rate) of the extraction.

This technology is applicable and convenient as a first step before further pressing, or alternatively, where only partial expression is desired and leftover oil in the press cakes is utilized for oil-rich feed mixtures (such mixtures then do not need extra fat). Cold pre-pressing is advantageous for its low energy demands, simple installation, small equipment size, all of which reduces investment costs.

The resulting oil has properties of cold-pressed oil (= high-quality virgin oil low in phospholipid content).

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