CWP - Cold-hot Pressing

The technology of cold-hot pressing offers high oil yields. The first stage of pressing occurs at a low temperature. Because of an absence of heating, resulting oil retains its biologically valuable substances and is low in phospholipids, which is convenient for its further processing. The second level involves heat treatment of seed with the aim of facilitating oil release from the cells. Heating of the seeds before pressing causes changes of cellular properties, protein transformations, and local concentration of oil particles at the cell level. Higher temperatures also lower viscosity of oil. These factors together significantly improve pressability.

Oil from both steps can be handled individually for further processing when two individual filters are installed, or even when only two homogenization tanks are installed and used alternately with a single filter.

Naturally, the CWP technology also comes with complete engineering and other services, such as technical support, service possibilities, and accessible spare parts.

Technologies delivered by Farmet are equipped with the visualization and control system – Farmet Intelligent Control (FIC).


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