EP2 - Two-level Pressing With Extrusion

Two-level pressing with extrusion is designed for a number of oilseeds, whose oil content is higher than 25 %, such as rapeseed and sunflower seed. This technology takes advantage of extrusion. The first step is cold pre-pressing of seeds; then they are compressed and heated up in the extruder. As the mixture leaves the extruder and expands, cells break up. This, together with increased temperature, facilitates oil release in the final press. Technology can be supplemented with a set that converts the equipment for one-level pressing with extrusion, which allows processing of seeds with oil content less than 25 % (e.g. soybeans).

Reducing the amount of anti-nutritional substances found in soybeans as well as increasing that of bypass proteins, in order to maximize energetic value of the feed, is an easy job for our extruders. Extrusion is also an ideal way of pre-treating the seeds before the pressing itself. Indeed, a combination of mechanical and heat treatment better than extrusion can hardly be found. Material treated in this way is then efficiently processed in the presses, resulting in a high oil yield.

Naturally, the EP2 technology also comes with complete engineering and other services, such as technical support, service possibilities, and accessible spare parts.

Technologies delivered by Farmet are equipped with the visualization and control system – Farmet Intelligent Control (FIC).

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