Flax is considered one of the longest-cultivated plants in the world. Today it is grown around the planet. Flax oil is used for pharmaceutical and technical purposes. Thanks to its high content of linolenic acid, flax oil positively influences fat metabolism, cholesterol levels and blood pressure. It also has anti-bacterial activity and strengthens the vascular system. It is used to make ointments and natural detergents. Its industrial use lies in the manufacture of oil paints, linoleum and to a lesser degree for soap, sealant and ink production.

Are you seeking a technology for flax pressing for pharmaceutical purposes? Farmet offers optimized solutions for cold pressing, either one-level, or two-level option; the latter is especially designed for careful processing.

Are you interested in its technical purposes? To meet such demands, we have developed a technology of either hot pressing, or two-level pressing with extrusion, which allows higher oil recovery ratios.


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