Whether you are a farmer cultivating this unique plant, livestock breeder, or investor seeking effective technology for processing large amounts of material, Farmet is the right partner for you. Our technological solutions for soya bean processing will satisfy everyone’s needs.

The main goal of soya processing in the Farmet technology is the removal of anti-nutritional substances, which are a natural part of soybeans (e.g. trypsin inhibitors, lectins). This treatment mostly influences the use of soya in feeding of monogastric animals (pigs and poultry). Additionally, proper nutrition of ruminants requires altered ratios of proteinaceous fractions towards those that are not degraded in the rumen (i.e. higher content of the so-called by-pass protein).

For the above purposes we have developed the Technology of extrusion, during which the content of anti-nutritional substances significantly decreases and ratios of proteins are altered in favour of those non-degradable in the rumen.

The Technology of pressing with extrusion keeps the advantages of reducing anti-nutritional substances and altering protein composition during extrusion. At the same time, through the process of oil pressing, higher protein content in the press cakes is achieved together with a valuable commodity: oil.

In case you have special demands on protein content in the cakes, the product Soybean extrusion pressing line with dehulling has been developed for this particular purpose.

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