WPP - Hot Pre-pressing

Hot pre-pressing before extraction is a highly effective way of preparing oilseeds for chemical extraction. During pre-pressing, a fraction of oil is recovered mechanically. This technology can be included in protocols for pressing of many oilseeds, most often rapeseed and sunflower seed, as it is suitable for seeds with oil content above 25 %. Due to its lower oil content, soya is usually not treated with this method.

After pre-treatment and pre-heating, the seeds are turned into flakes in a flaking mill. This procedure is beneficial since flakes can be heated, dried, and expressed more effectively than seeds. After flaking, the mass flows into stack cookers, which serve for further heating and drying. Material prepared in this way allows much easier oil release in subsequent pressing.

Naturally, the WPP technology also comes with complete engineering and other services, such as technical support, service possibilities, and accessible spare parts.

Technologies delivered by Farmet are equipped with the visualization and control system – Farmet Intelligent Control (FIC).


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