Falcon 6 Fert+

Moodulkülvik Falcon PRO
Tootmisaasta: 2018
Seerianumber: 2018/0408
Seisund: used, machine in Slovakia
Tarvikud: T3 Hitch, The rear double disc sowing section (40 coulters on distance 150 mm), Priorprocessing 2-rows discs section, Harrower behind the tire roller, Seeding control, Number of rail line flaps (2x2), Air Brake, double tube, Markers – hydraulicaly controlled, Marker of tract line, Working lights equipment, Scrapers of pneumatic roll (wheels) - kit, ME basic Terminal (5,7") ISO - BUS
Záruka: 12 months warranty
Kontaktandmed: agrobazar@farmet.cz
Akční cena bez DPH: 80 351,- €
Ceníková cena bez DPH: 111 598,- €
Sleva: 28%