Digger with an Extended Roller

Farmet has expanded the optional equipment for Digger, the deep cultivator (chisel plough), with additional side spiked rollers. Their main function is to ensure clod breaking along the edge of the width and to level out the individual passes.

Universal Disc-Chisel Triton

Farmet introduced the new TRITON for the first time at the Brno Techagro Fair in April this year. Farmers look for a universal solution for cultivating soil with a high quantity of crop residue. This season, they lived to see it done finally. The combined TRITON disc-chisel cultivator has been showing its universal use and quality crop residue incorporation since summer.

We Love It, It’s a Member of Our Family!

The Chovanec family have been using the Falcon 3 PRO Fert+ seed drill for two years and they love it so much that they talk about the machine as if it was a family member. We got to see that with our own eyes when we visited them during the time of oil seed rape seeding to write a detailed story about our Falcon 3 seed drill, with the specific equipment including a front three-row chisel section with additional fertilisation for a spacing of 25 cm and the rear seeding section for a spacing of 12.5 cm.

Extraordinary Farmet Company Day, Stěžery u Hradce Králové

Farmet a. s. from Česká Skalice, Agrosem semenářské družstvo Stěžery and Farmet dealer Jaroslav Pavlíček, and ZETEPA from Boharyň: apart from being based in the Hradec Králové Region, they all have been cooperating together for a long time, bringing great results in the past twenty years.

Agro Vyšehořovice Has Another Diskomat

Agro Vyšehořovice has purchased the second Diskomat cultivator, adding another modern machine to their Farmet fleet (Kompaktomat K 800 PS and K 1000 PS, Hurikán cultivator, and Digger chisel plough). Diskomat 8 PS with a width of 8 m is a heavy stubble cultivator with a massive frame, 62cm discs and spring protection. They aggregate Diskomat with MF 380 HP.

The Forecast Worked Out Well!

This spring, Mr. Vojtěch Slavík forecasted a high crop of oil seed rape planted using our Falcon SW with STRIP technology (illustration photo). Now, after the harvest, everything is done and Mr. Slavík was happy to inform me that Falcon is the right choice for establishing oil seed rape crop.

Low Tension Resistance Confirmed

Farmer Ladislav Vopálenský manages about 105 hectares of arable land at the edge of the central Bohemian highlands in Třebívlice. It has been three years since he started using the universal Falcon PRO seed drill with a width of 3 metres to establish all his crop, usually in the second deeper stubble field.

Compact in an Ostřešany Family Farm

We have been cooperating with the Houdek family from Ostřešany for more than 18 years. During that time, they have purchased a total of 6 Farmet machines.

Softer in Conventional Agriculture

Lukáš Janko, a private farmer, completed his studies at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague in 2008, and he has been keeping the family farming tradition at the large estate in Vysoká Libyň, Plzeň – sever, since 2012.

Falcon 6 Strip Sows Oil Seed Rape Straight into the Stubble Field!

This year, the farming cooperative of ZOD Žichlínek used a new technology for sowing oil seed rape: the modular Falcon 6 PRO seed drill, with exchangeable pre-processing sections.