Heat recovery system

Energy recovery is a highly sophisticated solution where the heat released during the extrusion pressing process is used to preheat the input raw material in the section heater, thereby increasing the performance of the technology and reducing the power consumption.

The heat recovery system consists of a multistage preheating of flaked soybean, where the individual stages are heated by a waste heat exchanger system from the pressing process, which ensures efficient waste heat utilization.

Cooling of pressing cakes

The purpose of the pressing cakes cooling is to cool the material down to storage temperature. The coolers produced by Farmet are efficient devices for cooling and removing excess moisture before storage.

Thanks to a simple yet efficient device design, the cooling system is a reliable and functional cooling solution for cooling of cakes. The cooling system includes connection to the heat recovery system for preheating of incoming raw material.

Seed pretreatment

Proper seed preparation is an important precondition for high efficiency of a following technology. Pre-treatment is a set of operations including cleaning, flaking and preheating of seeds before extrusion and pressing.

  • Cleaning protects the technology from damaging, increases process stability, increases durability of wearable parts of the technology, and last but not least, helps to improve pressing parameters.
  • The seed structure is disturbed in the flaking mill, which guarantees better heat transfer in the subsequent section heater and in the extrusion process.
  • The section heater is part of the heat recovery system. Here, preheating the seeds before extrusion and pressing takes place, which increases efficiency of the whole technology. Consequently it results in savings of energy consumption in the extrusion pressing process.

Presses FS 4015

The press FS 4015 offers completely new dimension in the oilseed processing capacities. High efficiency, long lifetime of the working unit and easy operation and maintenance are just a few of many other benefits of this high capacity press, which is based on our 25 years of experience in the industry. The press is manufactured using modern manufacturing techniques, such as advanced surface welding of work parts and use of 1D and 3D modeling processes for optimizing screw geometry.

Extruders FE 4000

The extruder FE 4000 is our top product, which is designated for pressing technologies with extrusion in conjunction with the high capacity press FS 4015. Its design is based on our long-term experience with the extrusion process. State-of-the-art design and emphasis on maximum functionality and quality of processing are the main advantages of this machine.

The extruder is able to compress the material under high pressure in the working unit and heat it up to a high temperature. After leaving the working unit of the extruder the material expands and thus the cellular structures are disrupted, which increases the efficiency of the extrusion together with elimination of undesirable antinutrients.

Oil filtration and storage

Filtration technology by Farmet offers an effective way of separating mechanical impurities from crude oil. Before the filtration process, a part of the impurities is separated from the oil in the central separator, which significantly improves the filtration performance.

The entire filtration process runs automatically. The intelligent FIC control system - Farmet Intelligent Control and its FILTER OPTIMAL function - is a system for setting and optimizing conditions for the transition between the individual filtration phases.

Drying of extrudate

Optimal extrudate drying process before pressing ensures maximal oil yield. The optimal residence time and optimal drying temperature guarantees not only the required reduction of moisture level, in order to improve pressing efficiency, but also minimizes the negative influence on the feed value of the pressing cakes.

Waste heat from the drying device is conveyed to the recovery system, which uses part of the energy spent on drying to preheat the seeds.

Soybean pressing plant - one-level pressing with extrusion

This technology is a highly efficient soybean treatment process combining extrusion with mechanical pressing. The extruders are advantageously used to increase the pressing efficiency, where the extrusion process results in heating of the seeds, disrupting of the cells and releasing of oil, which then makes the pressing process easier. For soybean pressing technology you will get all engineering and other services such as technical support and service.

With our technology you get:

  • Hexane-Free technology
  • Mechanical way of obtaining oil
  • Production of soy cakes as a possible substitute for GMO soy extraction meals
  • High energy efficiency thanks to a highly sophisticated energy recovery system
  • Advanced Process Control System thanks to "Farmet Intelligent Control"
  • Process parameters control thanks to the "Pressing Plant Management" software