Cooperation with Donau Soja

In the past 2 weeks, our company was actively involved in two events organized by the Association Donau Soja...

Terrix DUAL after harvesting energy rye

The new 4-row chisel cultivator Terrix DUAL did a very good job in the energy rye stubble.

Farmet - Scientific Conference

OFT division of Farmet a.s. took part in the June XXVI International Scientific Conference - Progress in Technology of Vegetable Fats held near Łódź, Poland.

COMPACT in the Ukraine

The pressing shops "COMPACT" have gained great popularity among customers worldwide since the start of production in 2012. They have been put to work on 4 continents (outside Europe also in Asia, North America and Africa) and are useful in such demanding markets as the United States or Switzerland.

Field Days DLG-Feldtage Germany

More than 410 exhibitors and 20,000 visitors participated in one of the most important field exhibitions DLG-Feldtage in Bernburg.

With the Softer After Ploughing

This year, with the rapid coming of the spring, some agriculturists were solving how to sow within a very short time with a lack of equipment. That was a perfect opportunity for testing the Softer disc stubble plough in pre-sowing preparation.

World Soy in St. Petersburg

From May 29 to 31st, 2018 4th international conference "World Soy - Feeds" took place in Saint Peterburg, Russia.

Open-Door Days of Our Foreign Partners

In May 2018, some of our foreign business partners organised an open-door day and introduced machines of the Farmet brand in action.

Kompaktomat - A Phenomenon in Pre-Sowing Preparation

Farmet has been successfully operating in the Czech market already for 26 years and the same birthday is also celebrated by our first and to a certain extent crucial product, the Kompaktomat pre-sowing combinator.

Company Day of J Brock and sons - Great Britain

On 23 May, a company day of our partner J Brock and sons took place in the English county of Essex. Our partners have introduced to their customers a large part of our product range with the highest interest being acquired by the machines of the Kompaktomat series, the Verso series, or the hugely popular Fantom PRO cultivator.