Triton – Combined Discs and Chisels Advantages

The combined Triton cultivator is one of the latest products introduced during this year’s Farmet Company Day – 25th anniversary celebrations.

Falcon Compact – Solution for Medium-sized and Small Farms

The design of Falcon Compact is based in the Falcon PRO modular seed drills. Thanks to its dimensions, agility, low weight and price, it is mainly used by farmers with acreage of up to 500ha and a pulling vehicle with horsepower of up to 140.

Terrix – Excellent Effect of Incorporation and Levelling

Another novelty presented during this year’s Farmet Company Day was the Terrix four-row chisel cultivator, available in two versions.

Farmet at Agritechnica Hannover 2017

Farmet is again presenting itself on the large area of the AGRITECHNICA Hannover 2017 World Exhibition.

Falcon 6 PRO FERT+ in France

The pleasant weather in October was perfect for organising a tour of the Falcon 6 PRO FERT+ Seed Drill in cooperation with our business partners in France. The customers in Deux-Sevres, Grand-Est and Normandy were mainly interested in its modularity, the wide range of application, such as minimisation as well as standard technology, sowing two crops with or without additional fertilisation under all conditions and with all technologies – after tillage, stubble cultivation, mulching, also without any seedbed preparation.

Falcon SW – Sowing Winter Crops with 9m Width

After sowing oil seed rape, Falcon SW quickly switched from the new pre-processing chisel STRIP section with a packer and the rear seeding section to sowing winter crops with the 9-metre-wide seeding section and coulter spacing of 12.5cm.

Soybean pressing plant - one-level pressing with extrusion

This technology is a highly efficient soybean treatment process combining extrusion with mechanical pressing. The extruders are advantageously used to increase the pressing efficiency, where the extrusion process results in heating of the seeds, disrupting of the cells and releasing of oil, which then makes the pressing process easier. For soybean pressing technology you will get all engineering and other services such as technical support and service.

Farmet becomes a new AOCS Corporate Member

Farmet becomes a new member of the American Oil Chemists' Society. We look forward to our mutual cooperation in the processing of oil seeds and vegetable oils.

Hemp seeds pressing

Technology to process hemp seeds for obtaining high quality oil and expellers - video.