Extruder FE 1000 in Podolí near Mnichovo Hradiště – “replaced by its younger brother after fifteen years”


At the beginning of this millennium, Farmet began preparing a new project - the soybean extrusion for ZD Brezina in Podolí near Mnichovo Hradiště. Extrusion technology is a manufacturing process where the processing material passes through a high temperature and pressure working unit. The output product is full-fat extruded soy that is used by the customer as a part of compound feed for poultry and cattle.

This was the second extruder in the Czech Republic and the first one that Farmet produced and delivered to the customer marked with FE 1000. Its quality is undoubtedly proved by more than fifteen years of service and many thousands of tonnes of processed soybean. Its service expired on August 1, 2018, when it was shut down and replaced by the new type of the FE 1000 extruder. It brings a number of innovative design solutions, including a longer service life for individual parts. All these changes were acknowledged by the owner.

The setting of the modern machine into operation was easy, and at the first startup we achieved the required performance and quality parameters. The FE 1000 soybean extruder is designed for 1 000 kg / h and controlled by the FIC - Farmet Intelligent Control. Maximum performance was achieved immediately while meeting all the high quality requirements for the extruded soy. We wish to our younger brother at least as many years in service as its predecessor.

Extrusion is surely one of the progressive production process. Using this technology brings wide range of advantages, from lower energy consumption to achieving perfect and gentle heat treatment, through increased digestibility and utilization of feed (nutrient content, lower feed rates) and ultimate factor - improving feed hygiene, pressure contributes to the destruction of pathogenic organisms.