Competition of Farmet Machines in Former Cidlina River Bed

Three Farmet machines competed in a difficult cultivation match in the former Cidlina River bed: Triton 450 PS, a specialist in crop residue incorporation; Fantom 650 PRO, a light ploughshare cultivator and stubble plough; and Digger 3, a deep cultivator (chisel plough). The field where corn for grain grew was harvested with a combined harvester. Moreover, wild boars ate in the field and crushed it, which made the cultivation conditions harder. The extremely heavy soil did not allow for cultivation deeper than 17 cm. In spite of these conditions, we compared the work of 3 different machines.

Greening and Catch Crops

Since 2015, catch crops have been one of the ways fulfilling the function of greening. Greening is one of the conditions for receiving direct payments. To meet the conditions of greening, farmers choose from a wide range of EFA areas (Ecological Focus Area). When choosing an area with catch crops, the seeding of a mix of catch crops is required.

Incorporation of Phacelia Using Triton

Triton 450 PS incorporated a thick and tall (40-70 cm) phacelia crop in aggregation with a 300 HP Case tractor in a field that belongs to Mr. Andrýsek (Mlékosrby Farm. The discs easily cut everything and processed soil in a depth of 7 cm. The chisels without wings (due to heavy soil), recessed to 18 cm, thoroughly mixed everything. The field was left to “rest” for a day, to let the soil dry a bit and to wither the crop residue.

Company Day in Sloupnice

On Thursday, 18th October, we had the opportunity to meet again at the last Farmet Company Day this year. This time, the Company Day was hosted by the Sloupnice Farming Cooperative, which has been the new authorised Farmet partner in the sale of agricultural technology since August.

TRITON – the Youngest Member of the Soil Cultivation Family

The year 2018 was one of the “better” years for corn harvest. After the extremely dry summer and start of autumn, the youngest member of the soil cultivation family, the Triton 450 PS combined disc and chisel cultivator, was also presented in active demonstrations in Slovakia.

Farmet at Moldagrotech 2018

At the exhibition, Agrimatco company, which is our long-term partner in Moldova, presented Diskomat, Duolent and Fertis machines that together with our other machines are popular and held in due respect among the farmers of the sunny republic.

Parallel seeding with Falcon PRO only

In the hilly area of Středočeská pahorkatina, on the border between the Pribram and Pisek districts, the versatile Falcon 6 PRO seed drill has been operated for four years.

Digger in Ukraine – New Possibilities

Digger has been helping Ukrainian farmers with basic soil cultivation for more than seven years. The solid and reliable machine design, tested through time and thousands of hectares, is capable to manage the most difficult load in the hardest conditions of the challenging Ukrainian fields.

Extruder FE 1000 in Podolí near Mnichovo Hradiště – “replaced by its younger brother after fifteen years”

At the beginning of this millennium, Farmet began preparing a new project - the soybean extrusion for ZD Brezina in Podolí near Mnichovo Hradiště. Extrusion technology is a manufacturing process where the processing material passes through a high temperature and pressure working unit. The output product is full-fat extruded soy that is used by the customer as a part of compound feed for poultry and cattle.

Local processing of rape seed with Compact CP2

The module of a Compact pressing shop was recetly launched in Spain. The technology produces high quality filtered vegetable oil and pressing cakes.