Digger in Ukraine – New Possibilities

Digger has been helping Ukrainian farmers with basic soil cultivation for more than seven years. The solid and reliable machine design, tested through time and thousands of hectares, is capable to manage the most difficult load in the hardest conditions of the challenging Ukrainian fields.

Agrosalon 2018 exhibition in Moscow

On 9 – 12 October 2018, the traditional Agrosalon exhibition was held in Moscow. This event takes place once every two years and attracts attention of many prospective as well as existing customers. Both divisions – agricultural machinery and Oil & Feed Tech division – are presented at the exhibition. The exhibition was organized in liaison with our mutual dealer, Rostline Agroservis.

Quality Mustard Incorporation Using Softer 6 PS

Mr. Václav Lorenc from Ječovice has purchased Softer 6 PS and he is very pleased with its work. He chose the largest discs with blades all around the circumference, with a diameter of 56 cm, and the well-tested double ring roller (DRR). In spite of the fact that the mustard was almost 1 metre high, it was cut very well and incorporated into topsoil for green fertilisation. The double ring roller (DRR) consolidated soil even with the higher autumn humidity and a large quantity of crop residue.

All Crops Are Fertilised at the Domašín Farm

They have been using the Falcon 6 PRO Fert+ seed drill at the Domašín Farm near Vlašim in Central Bohemia for two years. The joint-stock company focuses on plant production and manages over 660 hectares of arable soil. They especially appreciate the versatility of the machine, low pulling resistance and quality electronic system with seed flow scanning. The operating staff praised the huge seed and fertiliser hopper with the total capacity of 6,000 litres.

Presentation at the 16th Congress EuroFedLipid

In mid-September, a 16th congress organized by the European Federation for Fat and Oil Science and Technology was held in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

New Fantom 800 PRO Prepared for Oil Seed Rape

In the ZD Nechanice co-op, they prepare their fields for oil seed rape using the combined disc-chisel cultivator at a depth of 25 cm. Then, they use the new eight-metre-long Fantom 800 PRO cultivator.

Local processing of rape seed with Compact CP2

The module of a Compact pressing shop was recetly launched in Spain. The technology produces high quality filtered vegetable oil and pressing cakes.

Digger with an Extended Roller

Farmet has expanded the optional equipment for Digger, the deep cultivator (chisel plough), with additional side spiked rollers. Their main function is to ensure clod breaking along the edge of the width and to level out the individual passes.

Universal Disc-Chisel Triton

Farmet introduced the new TRITON for the first time at the Brno Techagro Fair in April this year. Farmers look for a universal solution for cultivating soil with a high quantity of crop residue. This season, they lived to see it done finally. The combined TRITON disc-chisel cultivator has been showing its universal use and quality crop residue incorporation since summer.

We Love It, It’s a Member of Our Family!

The Chovanec family have been using the Falcon 3 PRO Fert+ seed drill for two years and they love it so much that they talk about the machine as if it was a family member. We got to see that with our own eyes when we visited them during the time of oil seed rape seeding to write a detailed story about our Falcon 3 seed drill, with the specific equipment including a front three-row chisel section with additional fertilisation for a spacing of 25 cm and the rear seeding section for a spacing of 12.5 cm.