Taking part in AOCS Annual Meeting

Being a member of the AOCS society, the Farmet company participated for the second time in the society´s Annual Meeting, being held in St. Louis this time.

They said about us: Feed extrusion: A way to increase efficiency

In the online version of AllAboutFeed magazine, an article on feed component extrusion was presented as a way to obtain higher utilization of feed.

Kompaktomat K 450 – A Vital Helper

František Pátý, who has been working in agriculture for more than 46 years, welcomed me at his farm between Český les and the Gate to the Šumava Mountains. He and his daughter manage about 250 hectares of arable land in Staňkov and Horažďovice in West Bohemia.

Come to see us

In the upcoming months, our company will participate in several prestigious international conferences and exhibitions. Come listen to our performances or visit our exposition with interesting exhibits - for example the FE 4000 high-capacity extruder.

Falcon in Demonstration Seeding

Farmet offers demonstrations of a selected machine to the interested parties on their own premises. Ing. Petr Kopecký, a mechanisation technician of Nahořanská a.s., an agricultural business, wrote about demonstration seeding using the Falcon 6 PRO seed drill.

Let´s have a look at our new OFT division movie

We would like to introduce you our new division movie. Let's draw the attention mainly to our highly efficient hexane free technologies, which are the ideal solution for the local oilseeds processing.

Presentation of technologies Farmet in Ukraine

In February, we took part in the exhibition AgroAnimalShow in Kiev. This exhibition focuses (not only) on feed-related technologies for agriculture and thanks to its timing outside the active agricultural season it receives a lot attention and attendance among both exhibitors and audience.

Technologies of oilseed pressing and their effect on the nutritional value of the press

The February issue of Current Agrosystems (Russia) came out with an interesting article titled Technologies of oilseed pressing and their effect on the nutritional value of the press cake.

Implementation of press extrusion plant in Tomsk region

In January this year, our major customer from Tomsk, Russia opened their first line for rapeseed processing.

Verso: the First Machine for Spring Work

Even though our fields are covered with snow and our thoughts focus on the farm operation and technology for the season, we should start thinking about what machines will come out to the fields when the spring sun melts the snow and the skylark announces the arrival of spring.