Company Day in Sloupnice

On Thursday, 18th October, we had the opportunity to meet again at the last Farmet Company Day this year. This time, the Company Day was hosted by the Sloupnice Farming Cooperative, which has been the new authorised Farmet partner in the sale of agricultural technology since August.

Even though the Company Day took place later in the year, the weather was very favourable, almost reaching summer temperatures. The good weather attracted about 200 customers to the field day, with the support of JUDr. Martin Netolický, the Pardubice Region Governor, and Mr. Michal Kortyš, a newly elected senator.

The first part of the day commenced at the mechanisation centre where visitors learned about the history and portfolio of the Farmet Company and the scope of activity of the dealer – the Sloupnice Cooperative, their own agricultural activity as well as their activities for customers.

After a short walk to the nearby field, there were demonstrations of nine sets of Farmet machines, individually presented with the apt commentary by Ing. Vladimír Pavliš, Sales Manager from the Sloupnice Cooperative, Mgr. Daneš Marinica – Farmet Sales Manager for the Czech Republic, and Ing. Václav Mytyska – Farmet Technological Support. The land to be processed was a stubble field after silage maize harvest, which was one of the differences to the other Farmet field days this year, which mostly took place in fields after cereal harvest. Attention focused on machines for deep soil cultivation, such as the Digger “chisel plough”, Diskomat disc cultivator with a larger disc diameter, Triolent ploughshare cultivator, and the new Terrix deep ploughshare cultivator and Triton combined cultivator. All the machines demonstrated perfect work, executing quality and all-area soil processing. Other machines were also demonstrated within the programme – Falcon SW and Falcon Pro seed drills, Softer disc cultivator, and the large dominating Kompaktomat seedbed cultivator with a width of 15.7m, which was really impressive in aggregation with the CASE Quadtrac 620 tractor. All other tractor aggregations were in the red colour of the CASE tractors that the Sloupnice Cooperative also sells. The final demonstration ride of all the sets made the perfect impression on the spectators.

The good impression of the whole event, organised in cooperation of Farmet and the Sloupnice Cooperative, was amplified with quality refreshments, provided by Řeznictví Sloupnice s.r.o., a subsidiary of the Sloupnice Cooperative. The event was successful as the reactions of the customers and the participating business partners showed, evaluating the event as perfectly managed, both with regard to organisation and to the quality of the demonstrated technology.