Incorporation of Phacelia Using Triton

Triton 450 PS incorporated a thick and tall (40-70 cm) phacelia crop in aggregation with a 300 HP Case tractor in a field that belongs to Mr. Andrýsek (Mlékosrby Farm. The discs easily cut everything and processed soil in a depth of 7 cm. The chisels without wings (due to heavy soil), recessed to 18 cm, thoroughly mixed everything. The field was left to “rest” for a day, to let the soil dry a bit and to wither the crop residue.

The following day, Triton worked perfectly again. The machine did not get clogged and did not pull out the incorporated phacelia. It prepared the surface so well that the local farmers decided to seed in the soil right away. It was a great success for Triton.

Vladimír Mertlík, Product Manager
Veronika Paslerová, Marketing Specialist