Triton in Various Conditions

Mr. Zajíc from Chotutice in the Central Bohemian Region has tested Triton 450 PS in various conditions.

The first field he processed was a stubble field after poppies with scattered compost that had been ploughed once. The machine was aggregated with a Case pulling vehicle with the output of 300 HP. The recess was set at 17 cm. With this depth, width and heavy soil conditions, the output of 300 HP was borderline. The working speed of the pulling vehicle ranged from 8 to 11 km/h. Triton prepared the soil for seeding in a single pass.

The second field was a stubble field after corn for grain, ploughed once by a disc cultivator. Once again, Triton prepared the soil for seeding in a single pass without any difficulties. The hard nut to crack for Triton was in the third field where corn for grain had grown and the field was not processed in any way after harvest. However, Triton dealt perfectly with the corn stubble-field and crop residue in two passes.

Evaluation of Mr. Zajíc: “I like the machine and how it works, I’m pleased with it. The chisel/disc combination is probably the best for our soil conditions but the 300 HP output is borderline; we might need a stronger tractor.”

Vladimír Mertlík, Product Manager
Veronika Paslerová, Marketing Specialist