TRITON – the Youngest Member of the Soil Cultivation Family

The year 2018 was one of the “better” years for corn harvest. After the extremely dry summer and start of autumn, the youngest member of the soil cultivation family, the Triton 450 PS combined disc and chisel cultivator, was also presented in active demonstrations in Slovakia.

The machine was equipped with 56cm front discs, chisel shares with armoured edge, and a rear VR roller.

The operators of the tractor set were learning how to show the spectators what the machine is capable of during the first demonstrations of the machine, where Triton was used in a corn stubble field.

The fields designated for demonstrations were in various stages after combined harvester or mulcher work. In the fields where post-harvest residue was homogenised with the crusher and loosely spread on the surface, Triton almost perfectly incorporated it into the soil profile. The untreated residue, long corn stalks or stubble too high did not have a favourable effect on the quality of processing by Triton. The working depth depended on the pulling force of the tractor (360 PS), and it was at the level of 20 – 23 cm.

The machine works very well at a speed from 11.5 to 13 km/h and the quality of processing as well as spreading and levelling the processed layer is largely influenced by the rear section of the levelling discs, which HAVE TO BE VERY carefully adjusted in height according to the amount of matter on the surface.

Also, the rear VR roller is not a good “fit” for cultivation after corn. It is better to choose the heavy disc DSR, or LTX roller.

The soil type and humidity conditions also have a great influence on the quality of post-harvest residue: one of the factors that affected the overall impression of the work of the machine was the fact that even though the soil was black and fertile, it was heavy, almost clayey with dry clods.