Farmet takes steps to enter Uzbekistan's market



is too often thought of as some central Asian country with a semi-dictatorial regime. In fact, this country is currently going through turbulent changes, aiming for liberalization and democratization politically and a more open market economically.

At OFT we see this country as one with a great developmental potential. Uzbekistan is invariably ranked among top producers of cotton, and cotton seeds as by-products are processed through the technology of oil pressing. Being also a country with a significant (ca. 30 million), mostly Muslim population, the local demand for vegetable oils is considerable and still higher than the offer.

To make use of these promising conditions, we took part in the international exhibition ‘UzAgroExpo’ this November. It was a broad-spectrum agricultural exhibition touching upon many topics. Presentations involved plant and animal production, fruit farming, and above all, irrigation technologies. Among the exhibitors were suppliers from Israel, Poland and Germany, and of course China and Russia. We were the only Czech contributor.

The interest in our technologies concerned not only the pressing shops, but also a bit surprisingly our extrusion lines for the production of fish food as well as compound feed facilities. Our stall was visited by many visitors – some for the first time and others with whom we had already established contact and are now negotiating individual projects.