Implementation of press extrusion plant in Tomsk region

In January this year, our major customer from Tomsk, Russia opened their first line for rapeseed processing.


This is a response to the high demand for rapeseed oil in Eastern Europe, China and a number of Southeast Asian countries. The director of the plant estimates that this cold-pressed oil will not only go to local stores in spring but a large amount of oil will also be regularly exported.

The director highlights the positive effect of rapeseed pressing cakes on milking cows, and states that they will feed poultry with the pressing cakes as well as a replacement of soybean scraps that have been used until now.

Since rapeseed products are in demand, it is planned to extend the sowing area to 40,000 ha by year 2030 in Tomsk region, increasing the share of rapeseed in the area from the original 6.9% to 14.2%.

Already during the implementation of the current project in 2018, the company founded another subsidiary company, where it acquired the technology of two-stage pressing with an extrusion for processing up to 42,000 tonnes of rapeseed per year.

Rapeseed processing and the use of rapeseed pressing cakes in feed is constantly popular throughout the world. About the importance of rapeseed pressing cakes in feed industry was informed to you some time ago in a separate article and our professional presentation: https://www.farmet.cz/en/news/2015-10-allaboutfeed-processing-rapeseed-by-products-with-farmet


Video link:  http://tv2.today/News/Pervaya-ochered-zavoda-po-pererabotke-rapsa-otkrylas-v-tomskoy-oblasti

Link to press release: https://www.riatomsk.ru/article/20190125/rapsovoe-maslo-tomskogo-proizvodstva/