Last week, Cologne, Germany hosted the conference VICTAM 2019, a highly specialized exhibition focused on the animal feed industry, feed production, extrusion, and related technologies. As a complete novelty, we presented the extruder FE 4000, the largest in our portfolio. This presentation drove attention not only from among the visitors and experts, but also from our competitors.

This extruder, together with the rest of our presentation, clearly illustrated our company’s direction towards the top suppliers of technology not only for oilseed pressing, but also the for the extrusion and production of compound feed. Throughout the exhibition our staff could be seen negotiating with potential customers and experts from the field, as well as discussing future collaborations.

At the conference, Farmet, together with the companies Phileo and Feed Design Lab, coorganized a seminar sponsored by the feed industry’s leading journal All About Feed. The seminar, titled ‘Feed efficiency: new approaches to feed processing and formulation‘ attracted a lot of attention. We delved into the techniques of feed processing and increasing quality and digestibility of feed. We also discussed optimizing the feed treatment process during both the conditioning, where fine-tuning steam injections seems to play a major role, as well as proper extrusion set-up. The extrusion process is undoubtedly highly beneficial in terms of increasing feed value of the material. Setting extrusion parameters properly further helps in reducing energy costs or partial loss of some vitamins.

We thank all the participants for visiting our stand and look forward to future cooperation.