Kompaktomat - 7 working operations in one go!

The Kompaktomat pre-sowing combinators have been a significant product of the Farmet brand for more than 25 years. During their existence, they have gone through many innovations and are constantly improved. In may working spans from 2.5 m to 15.7 m, more than 10,000 machines have been delivered to the customers! Kompaktomats are supplied to more than 20 markets in several continents and prove their qualities in many different soil and climatic conditions. They always excellently perform what they are designed for – 7 working operations in one go, which prepares the roughly processed soil after ploughing into a condition ideal for sowing crops.

Excellent levelling and recompacting

The massive design of the machine with large rollers is a guarantee of not only high operating reliability and long service life. It also ensures sufficient machine weight for effective full-area recompacting of the cultivated soil. That is a key factor for creating the so-called seeding bed with renewed capillarity which secures capillary attraction of the soil water to the seed. That is a crucial element of successful growth establishment that ensures even germination and subsequent uniform growth with a sufficient supply of soil water to the roots even in dry periods. Without quality recompacting after ploughing, it is impossible to successfully establish the growth with good yield potential.

Excellent recompacting is also joined by excellent soil surface levelling thanks to up to three skids. They ensure creating an ideal plane both in the lateral and longitudinal directions. They can be adjustable mechanically or hydraulically. A perfectly level surface is the basis for further quick and quality agrotechnical operations – rapid sowing with precise observance of depth, quick and quality chemical treatment during vegetation and a speedy and trouble-free harvest with a low stubble. 

Loosening to the sowing depth

The cultivating skive working section secures very fine even full-area loosening of the soil surface down to the set depth. The cultivation depth must be identical with the sowing depth so that the seed is placed on a hardened bed and is in contact with soil water. When using arrow ploughshares, soil is undercut in the entire area which is advantageous especially with mechanical weed extermination. The depth setting of the cultivating sections may be mechanical or hydraulic. The recultivation of the tractor wheel tracks is ensured by effective track cultivators with a large adjustment range.

Wide range of working sections

The most widespread and versatile configuration of Kompaktomats is the combination of the front spiral bar roller and the rear crosskill roller together with a cultivating section with sprung arrow ploughshares. That configuration offers the highest versatility in various conditions with very good work quality. However, you can choose many other variants for specific conditions of every customer. You can choose e.g. ring rollers for humid sticky soils or double crosskill rollers with an increased weight and a higher cutting effect in heavy conditions. Ploughshare sections may be chisel or with arrow ploughshares. A highly preferred choice are front finger skids of the Flexiboard type suitable mostly for humid and sticky soils.

Crosskill válecDvojitý crosskill válecLištový válecRing válecSpirálový lištový válec

Sekce ASekce BSekce C

High performance and efficiency

A key quality of the Kompaktomat machines is high working speed and high performance. With the recommended working speed of 14 km/h, performance is at the level of 1.2 ha/hr. That secures very high efficiency and readiness for immediate deployment in short windows of seasonal field works. E.g. a modern tractor with an output of 330 hp in aggregation with Kompaktomat K1000PS processes 12 ha/hr with diesel consumption up to 4 l/ha. Thanks to such performance, it is possible to prepare soil just in advance before the sowing machine and save soil water.

Seed saving and high yield expectation

A precisely formed seeding bed with optimum compacting ensures excellent and even plant germination. It is therefore possible to decrease the seed dose while ensuring a sufficient number of future plants and their even distribution. That significantly facilitates agronomical management of the growth with an expectation of a high yield. Meanwhile, the optimum soil compacting and soil water capillarity shows not only during plant germination but also throughout the vegetation and especially in its conclusion when grains and the overall yield are formed.

Kompaktomat is therefore a guarantee of efficient soil processing, facilitation of subsequent operations, facilitation of agronomical management of the growth and excellent yields.