Farmet Is Investing!

30. 8. 2019
In the following investment period, Farmet is planning to invest at least CZK 300 million into expanding its production plant in Česká Skalice (CZ).
Farmet Is Investing!

Farmet Continues to Invest into Its Growth!

In the following investment period, Farmet is planning to invest at least CZK 300 million into expanding its production plant in Česká Skalice (CZ). The investment objective is to noticeably expand the production capacities and to build state-of-the-art facilities for both current and new employees. This year, Farmet has launched the construction of a central assembly hall, with estimated completion and operation commencement at the beginning of 2020. The overall roofed production and storage area exceeds 4,000 m2.

All assembly of agricultural technology will be concentrated in the new large-capacity assembly hall, making space in the current three assembly halls for expanding the production of basic parts. The new central assembly hall will be equipped with a modern, highly automated storage and logistic system, providing an effective transfer of parts from the production stations to final assembly. The final assembly will be facilitated using various ingenious handling equipment and assembly devices reducing the physical load of assembly hub workers. The hub assembly significantly facilitates individualization of the equipment of the assembled machines according to the end customer requirements.

In 2020, another investment phase will follow with the construction of another assembly hall for customized production and an office and service building. At the same time, new offices for more than 80 technicians and other sales and marketing employees will be built within the reconstruction of the current technical facilities.

Concurrently with the construction works, Farmet has been purchasing and implementing new production equipment and information technology. Same as the current production equipment, these are state-of-the-art production technologies providing high quality and labour productivity. Emphasis is placed on a high level of automation and on-line production flow monitoring with a multilevel quality management system. To achieve efficient lean production, we are implementing a highly sophisticated system of dynamic production planning which is continuously being improved within our own production system research.

Farmet is a family business and one of the leading global manufacturers of agricultural technology and technology for oil extraction and fodder production. It has been growing dynamically since its foundation in 1992. The Company currently employs over 450 people. The Company has its own research and development, and it sells its products and services in more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and Oceania. The export share is 85 %.

Commencement of investments into production capacity expansion
2020 production plant vision
New large-capacity centralized-assembly hall
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