Compact - CP1

The technology of single-step cold pressing is ideal for those who wish to reach the highest possible quality of oil. Cold pressing in a single step is the gentlest manner of oilseed processing. The temperature of the expelled oil normally does not exceed 45 °C which ensures the preservation of the nutritionally most valuable substances. End products of this technology are a high-quality filtered oil, and press cake convenient for the use in animal feed industry.

Compact CP1 involves a single-step cold pressing using the presses FS 350

Expelled oil flows into the sedimentation tank where the solids – particles present in raw oil – settle at the bottom. The settled solids are separated out from the oil by an integrated separator and fed back to the press for another pressing. The sedimentation tank contains integrated heating of the oil, which, together with solids-separation, ensures a high efficiency of the filtration process.

The press shop Compact may be expanded by a range of optional accessories including seed pre-treatment containing a magnetic separator, cleaning, and thermal stabilization of seeds. Among other accessories are filtration containing a pump, integrated directly in the sedimentation tank, and a plate filter. The filtered oil is transported by oil pipes into oil storage, composed of two tanks of a volume of 1 m3 or 7 m3, according to the customer’s requirements. Oil storage can be optionally equipped with an outlet pump, allowing the transfer oil from oil tanks into transport packaging or tankers. A part of this pump is also a workplace with a manual valve for pouring the oil into PET bottles or cans.

Compact can also be supplemented with the module Hulling and hull separation, which allows the hulls to be separated out and removed as a by-product. This is especially convenient for the processing of sunflower seeds and soybeans. Removing the hulls increases the relative protein content in the cake, and thus also its nutritional value. Hulls can be processed using the accessory hull granulation, which transforms the hulls into pellets, reducing the space necessary for storing the hulls, while allowing an energetic utilization of the pellets.

The modular press shop Compact CP1 is offered at capacities between 200 and 700 kg per hour.