Complex Oilseed Processing Plant with a capacity up to 300 tons of seeds per day.

Farmet a.s. put into operation in Hungary a plant for complex processing of oilseeds (especially rapeseed) with the technology of two-level cold pressing (CP2) including automatic oil filtration (AFF) and Farmet Intelligent Control (FIC) process control and visualization system.
Complex Oilseed Processing Plant

The heart of the delivered technology are large capacity presses of the FS series, with a daily throughput of this plant up to 300 tonnes of seed per day.

The delivered technology allows the customer to obtain high-quality (organic, bio, pure) and perfectly tradeable commodities on the market - especially high quality rapeseed oil and presscakes with the ideal parameters for the feed industry. The presscakes are most often used as feed with high feed value - e.g. for feeding cattle, pigs, poultry.

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