Complex Soybean Processing

Farmet offers a unique technology for the complex processing of soybeans (soya). This technology involves a sophisticated approach to all the steps between raw soybeans and final products – 1) oils intended for food- and feed-related, or technical applications and 2) products derived from the press cake, varying both in their nutritional composition (content of protein, fiber, and fat) and their structural and textural characteristics.

What makes this technology unique is that it can produce diverse products determined and conveniently regulated by simple changes in process parameters. End products find their use in a range of application – technology, animal feed, and food industry.


With Farmet solution you gain:

  • Hexane free technology Farmet that is both cost-efficient and environment-friendly.
  • Oil content of 7 % is an ideal ratio for all livestock, resulting in an optimal feed for every type of animal.
  • Hexane free technology Farmet brings you an ideal feed with an optimal ratio of fat (energy) and proteins.
  • Thanks to the hexane free technology Farmet you obtain the most effective feed at minimal costs.
  • Reduced operation costs thanks to maximized recuperation in Farmet technologies.
  • Integrated technological solutions guarantee minimal operation costs.


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