CWP - Cold-hot Pressing

The technology of cold-hot pressing offers high oil yields. The first stage of pressing occurs at a low temperature. Because of an absence of heating, resulting oil retains its biologically valuable substances and is low in phospholipids, which is convenient for its further processing. The second level involves heat treatment of seed with the aim of facilitating oil release from the cells. Heating of the seeds before pressing causes changes of cellular properties, protein transformations, and local concentration of oil particles at the cell level. Higher temperatures also lower viscosity of oil. These factors together significantly improve pressability.

Oil from both steps can be handled individually for further processing when two individual filters are installed, or even when only two homogenization tanks are installed and used alternately with a single filter.

Naturally, the CWP technology also comes with complete engineering and other services, such as technical support, service possibilities, and accessible spare parts.

Technologies delivered by Farmet are equipped with the visualization and control system – Farmet Intelligent Control (FIC).



Technology Description

The sequence starts with a temporary container capable of supplying seeds for several hours of operation. Seeds are transported into the input heater, or a thermal stabilization unit, depending on the capacity of the press shop, before it enters the flaking mill. Here we also suggest you to enhance the procedure with a seed cleaning unit. It is also possible to supplement the technology with weighing equipment at entry, or hulling and hull separation.

Press cakes are carried into a stack cooker; they are heated and dried up to meet optimal parameters for pressing. Heated mass is supplied into the final press and expressed. Resulting oil still contains some impurities (solids) and has to be further processed with separation and filtration.


The company Farmet offers optional accessories that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Our delivery can be supplemented with a spectrum of funnels, conveyors, tanks, and equipment for seed pre-treatment as well as for pumping, filtration, refining and storage of oil. Nonetheless, the most convenient solutions are usually our turnkey deliveries, which are optimized from both the technical and economic perspectives, meet all your requirements and include the automatization of the entire process.

Technical Parameters

The technology of cold/hot pressing is a comprehensive solution for oilseed pressing. This technology is offered at capacities between 50 and 720 tons of seeds per day. The design routinely meets EU specifications; however, it can be adjusted to wiring requirements from local markets (e.g. USA, Canada, etc.).