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Disc cultivator Softer PRO

1 Preliminary preparation zone
a) Flexi-cut - cutting crop residue
b) Flexi-board - levelling soil surface
2 Full-surface cultivation zone. The double-row disc section with aggressive geometry ensures perfect full-surface undercut to depth of 3.5–12 cm with intensive mixing of crop residues. The disc section also spreading well crop residues over the surface.
3 Clod crumbling and soil re-compaction zone. Optimum soil re-compaction ensures good water infiltration and soil water capillarity to the surface.

High performance and quality of work

  • High working speed up to 15 km/h.
  • Symmetrically arranged two rows of serrated discs for reliable penetration into the soil, levelling and intensive mixing.
  • Working angle of the discs and down-pressure to each disc ensure uncompromising penetration even to heavy and over-dried soils and perfect undercut of the processed profile.
  • High-quality rubber suspension for optimal working angles of the disc.
  • Precise deep guiding with optimum soil compaction.


Disc cultivator Softer PRO

  1. Possibility to install front tools: Flexi-cut for effective crop residue cutting or Flexi-board for levelling surface, crumbling clods.
  2. Discs with Ø 530 mm, symmetrically arranged in two rows, undercut the soil. The working depth is 3.5–12 cm.
  3. Clods are crumbled by the rear roller.

Discs with sharpened all-round

Discs with the diameter of 530 mm are arranged in two rows. In case of contact with an obstacle, each disc is individually effectively protected by rubber suspension.

The discs penetrate into the soil perfectly and also cut crop residues.

The discs are arranged in maintenance-free bearings with excellent service life. Optimum discs geometry ensures high-quality work with very good productivity and high percentage of incorporated crop residues. The discs retain ideal working angle even with partially worn discs geometry . The disc 24 cm spacing ensures good throughflow of crop residues.

Robust design

High-strength refined materials in connection with eXtra STEEL line technology guarantee long service life of our machines even in the most difficult conditions.

  • Maintenance-free disc bearings.
  • Maintenance-free rubber suspension.
Integrated transport axle
Controlled from the tractor cabin.
Maintenance-free disc bearings
Maintenance-free disc bearings ensuring machine operation without additional lubrication.
Maintenance-free rubber suspension
Durable and maintenance-free rubber suspension for terrain adaptation with protection against overload.
Individual mounting of each disc
Quality soil levelling, high protection of the working units, high throughflow of the crop residue.

Easy operation

Due to minimum adjusting and lubricating points, the operation and subsequent maintenance are very easy steps that anybody can perform.

  • Minimum adjustment points.
  • Minimum lubrication points.
Hydraulic working depth adjustment
Easy hydraulic working depth adjustment from the tractor cabin, the working depth can be changed during the operation.
Safe machine control
Intuitive adjustment and operation.
Easy side deflector adjustment
Precise smooth connection between each passes.
Flexi-cut / Flexi-board hydraulic control
Controlled from the tractor cabin, can be changed during operation.

Smartly performed designed machine

The advantage of this machine is its multipurposeness and adjustability bringing high variability work.

  • Skilful when working in the field due to a short and compact design.
  • Low operating costs due to light machine construction without need extra weight.
  • Very good self-cleaning capabilities of the space between the disc and the plate for fixing the disc.
Skilful when turning on the field
The Softer PRO is equipped with an integrated axle. Easy turning on the transport wheels at headlands.
Aggressive disc angle
Ensures full-surface undercut at any working depth.
All-round sharpened disc
Easier disc penetration into the soil.
Transport position
A unique folding system enabling the machine with the working span up to 12.25 m to be folded to the transport width of 3 m and height of 4 m and thus complies with the regulations for vehicles operation on the public road.
Symmetric disc spacing
Uniform soil levelling and processing.
Hook-shaped tines
Ensure high soil and crop residue throughflow - a self-cleaning effect.
Automatic side frame down-pressure
Uniform soil processing, levelling and terrain tracing.
Controlled traffic farming
Width 10.25 m / 12.25 m: also to be used in the CTF technology.
Depth gauge
Easy to read during work from the tractor cabin.
Flexi-cut rollers
The cutting rollers are designed for cutting tall stubble, especially rapeseed and sunflower.


Technical parameters Units Softer
1050 PRO
1250 PRO
Working width mm 10 250 12 250
Transport width mm 3 000 3 000
Transport height mm 3 500  4 000
Total machine length mm 8 150 8 150
Working depth mm 35–120 35–120
Number of disks – front row
Number of disks – rear row
pcs 42
Diameter of disks mm 530 530
Working performance ha/h 10,2–15 12,2–18,4
Towing vehicle 1 kW
Working speed km/h 10–15 10–15
Maximum transport speed 3 km/h 30 30
Maximum slope availability ° 6  6
Dimension of tyre - transport   520/50-17 520/50-17
Brake type / distribution 3   air / two-line air / two-line 
Required pressure kPa 8,5  8,5
Number of hydraulic circuits / pressure bar 4 (6) / 200 4 (6) / 200
Number of hydrocouples / type   6 / ISO 12,5  6 / ISO 12,5
Tractor hitch requirement   TBZ cat. 3; bottom hitch K80; lug Ø 50, 70 mm
Machine weight 2 kg ~ 11 000 ~ 13 000

1 Recommended towing vehicle, the actual pulling force may significantly change according to the processing depth, soil conditions, inclination of land, wear of working members and their adjustment.
2 Machine weight with LTX roller.
3 Transport / brake system: Follow national provisions valid for transport of machines on public roads. Verify legal provisions valid in the country, regulations on maximum allowable total weights and axle loads and also on necessary possible use of the brake system. If you have any questions, please contact our sales representative.


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Disk roller
Diameter 580 mm
Weight 220 kg/m
Double ring roller
Diameter 540/540 mm
Weight 195 kg/m
Double V-ring
Diameter 600/600 mm
Weight 165 kg/m

Proper selection of the type of the rear roller contributing significantly to the final quality of the processing is very important. The soil is recompacted by the roller and then it is the same way crumbled and levelled. The selection of the type of the roller depends on the soil type and on the manner of use of the machine.

Roller Double ring
Double V-ring
Crumbling ●●●○  ●●●○ ●●●○
Stamping ●●●● ●●●● ●●●●
Depth guiding ●●●● ●●●● ●●●●
Resistance against clogging ●●●● ●●●○ ●●●●
Suitability for stony soils ●●●○ ●●●○ ●●●○
Suitability for wet soils ●●●● ●●●● ●●●●
Heavy soils ●●●● ●●●● ●●●●
Medium soils ●●●● ●●●● ●●●●
Light soils ●●●● ●●●○ ●●●●


Variants of hinges

TPH category 3

The pins for TPH category 4 can be exchanged.

Hinge K80 Ø 80 mm
Loop for the lower hinge Ø 50 mm, Ø 70 mm

Optional equipment

Hydrotronic – Electro-Hydraulic Circuit Divider

Divides 1 tractor circuit into 3 circuits with electronic control.

Extended Tracing Depth Wheels

For combination with preliminary cultivation with Flexi-cut / Flexi-board.