EP0 - Pre-pressing with Extrusion

The pre-pressing with extrusion technology finds its use mainly in animal feed applications. The product is an energy-rich and easily digestible feed component, useful especially for the nutrition of poultry and other monogasters, while also convenient for ruminants.

Extrusion contributes many benefits to the process, such as considerable incerase in protein digestibility, elimination of anti-nutritional substances (e.g. glucosinolates in rapeseed), and structural changes in the feed, which improves its palatability and decreases feed conversion ratio. The high oil and protein content make this feed especially energy-rich. For further increase in feed value, it is advisable to add a prior hulling step to the extrusion procedure. Hulling leads to a higher protein content and decreases alimentary fiber content in the press cake. The high quality vegetable oil obtained using this technology find a broad application in the industries of food, animal feed, and technology.

Technology Description

The technology starts with an intermediate container capable of supplying seeds for several hours of operation. For operation in colder environments (in winter), when seeds could potentially be exposed to temperatures below 15 °C, we recommend adding technology for temperature stabilization. Seeds are transported from the container continuously into the first-step presses. At this point, we suggest including equipment for seed cleaning. It is also possible to supplement the technology with continuous weighing equipment at entry, or hulling and separation of hulls. The seeds are carried into the pre-press where they undergo compression. The expelled oil still contains some impurities (solids) and has to be further processed with separation and filtration. Press cake is transported, via conveyor, into an extruder. Extruded cake is then transported into further technological steps, or alternatively, into the cooler or cake storage.

The company Farmet offers optional accessories that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Our delivery can be supplemented with a spectrum of hoppers, conveyors, tanks, and equipment for seed pre-treatment as well as for pumping, filtration, refining and storage of oil. Nonetheless, the most convenient solutions are usually our turnkey deliveries, which are optimized from both technical and economical perspective and cover all your requirements including automatization of the entire process.

Pre-pressing with extrusion is a complete solution for oilseed pressing. This technology is offered at capacities of performance between 50 and 1150 tons of seed per day. As standard, it is designed to meet the EU wiring specifications; however, it can be adjusted to wiring requirements from local markets (e.g. USA, Canada, etc.).