Feed Extruder - FE 4000

The feed extruder FE 4000 is our premium product, suitable for applications in feed industry and also, in combination with the high-capacity oilseed press FS 4015, for the extrusion pressing technology. Modern design and emphasis on maximum functionality and processing quality are the main assets of this machine.

The working unit of this extruder is able to press the material inside under great pressures, and heat it up to a high temperature, which makes it suitable for feed-related applications. The extrusion process facilitates the removal of some anti-nutritional substances from the feed, as well as a change in texture, expansion and sterilization of the feed, gelatinization of starch, and denaturation of proteins. In the applications for ruminants, extrusion leads to an increase in the content of by-pass protein. In general, extrusion leads to a tastier and more nutritious feed.

The extruders are offered in two variants: dry and wet extrusion; additionally, the line can be supplemented with the steam conditioner FK 4000.

The original design of this extruder, a result of a long-term research and development, is based on our experience with the extruder series FE 500 and FE 1000. With FE 4000, however, we present a number of innovations: a frame built without the use of metal profiles, a bracket with a sliding track, a two-piece shaft casing, a tipping output chamber of the working unit.

The essential difference, however, lies in the working unit, the core of the extrusion process. We have chosen the design of a hydraulically openable basket with an input opening for raw material, which significantly eases and speeds up disassembly, compared to the original cylindrical chambers.

Another great advantage of FE 4000 is the system of replaceable inner segments of the friction liners, which must face strong abrasive forces during the heating up of the material to the required working temperature and pressure (140°C at 40 bar).

These innovations greatly reduce the time necessary for the exchange of wearable parts or servicing, which nearly eliminates losses during downtime of the machine.

Farmet offers optional accessories which should satisfy every demanding customer’s needs. An inseparable part and indeed a soul of the extruder is the wiring, which is offered in three flavors: The variant CLASSIC contains a button-based control of individual engines, and a control element for the revolutions of the dosing conveyor and controls of other accessories. The wiring variant CLEVER contains a PLC with an HMI touch-based panel. The PLC control computer is equipped with the FIC system – Farmet Intelligent Control. The core of the system contains intelligent management of extrusion program EXTRUSION EFFECT CONTROL and thus allows precise optimization of the extrusion process according to material properties. Additionally, it carries out automatic reactions of the system that protect the drives and working parts of the extruder. The wiring design CLEVER MAX has functions identical to CLEVER, with the addition of a frequency changer of the extruder’s main drive. This brings new options for optimization of the extrusion process.

The extruder can be supplemented with a range of hoppers, conveyors, and equipment for pre-treatment of the material. However, the most convenient solution is our turnkey delivery which guarantees a solution technically and economically optimized according to your requirements, including the automatization of the entire process.

Extruder FE 4000 is a high-capacity equipment, with a performance of 80–170 t/day. By default, it is designed for EU-based electricity standards, although the wiring can be adjusted to meet local market’s requirements (USA, Canada,…). The wiring is offered in three variants; it is always equipped with a frequency changer of the dosing conveyor and can be equipped with a frequency changer of the revolutions of the main drive, which allows further optimization of the extrusion process. The extruder is equipped with an electromotor of a performance between 250 and 400 kW, depending on the requirements for a particular application.

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