A Successful Test of the Disc and Chisel Cultivator

23. 1. 2020
A customer Hořanská a. s. area was looking for a solution to cultivate a grain stubble field which had considerably overgrown with saltbush with a height of 30-40cm, moreover, the soil was very hard due to a long-lasting drought.
A Successful Test of the Disc and Chisel Cultivator

He wanted to try disc and chisel cultivators and he was interested in whether or not and in what way the machines would handle the conditions.

Our time-tested Diskomat 6 PS disc cultivator and Duolent 460 PS chisel cultivator faced this challenge.

Diskomat 6 PS, with a depth set at 12cm, drove at a speed of 10-11 km/h. Its work was assessed very positively as it undercut and incorporated the saltbush on the whole area without any problems and as required. Even mixing was perfect.

Duolent 460 PS was pulled by 160 HP, the depth was 14cm and the working speed was 9-10km/h. The chisels were supplemented with wide winglets. Duolent gave a great impression because it recessed well into the soil in spite of the extreme drought, perfectly undercut the saltbush on the whole area and incorporated it.

The customer was so pleased with the work of the machines that he purchased them both. In addition, he had the Duolent machine equipped with the Micro Drill device.

We are pleased that we were able to help yet another farmer with troubleshooting his problem.

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