Remember to Prepare Your Machines for the Season in Good Time

18. 2. 2020
It might seem that machines for soil cultivation are simple when compared with tractors or threshers, but their maintenance also has its difficulties and neglecting it does not pay off.
Remember to Prepare Your Machines for the Season in Good Time


What to pay attention to?

  • Do not underestimate the work safety rules prior to any manipulation with the machine

Axle and travelling wheels

  • Before attaching the machine to the tractor and pulling it out of the corner where it has been sitting in winter, always check the travelling wheels – in particular, check the condition of the tyres and proper inflation before you first move the machine

Hydraulic and brake distributions

  • Before you move the machine, visually check the condition and immediately replace any damaged components to prevent an unexpected accident

Visual inspection

  • Place the machine in a good light and visually check, if possible, all the machine components, their condition and damage – make a list of required spare parts and a list of repairs to be done (if you have not done so before you put the machine in storage after the end of work, which is naturally better and helps you avoid any time pressure before the spring season)

Inspection of screw and pin joints

  • Check all the screw joints and tighten them as needed; the same applies to hydraulic connections
  • Also check the pin joints, their free motion, pin securing etc.

Testing functions

  • Unfold the machine on a flat hard surface and check the level of the frames
  • Also check the hydraulic functions, or the condition and proper function of the controls and setting mechanisms
  • Lift the machine so you can check the rollers (particularly their condition and bearings) and the moving components of the working parts
  • In seed drills, check the condition of the air distribution and the components of the electronic system
  • Test the functions of the electronic system, preferably together with hydraulic functions

Lubrication points maintenance

  • Apply grease using a grease gun in all points that need to be lubricated, following the recommendations in the manual

Be cautious

  • When it is required to disassemble, replace or repair any components, be extra cautious, other related components you would not expect might also be damaged

Only use the original spare parts and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.
The original Farmet spare parts are available at the e-shop.

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