With Softer after Tillage

30. 1. 2020
With spring approaching fast, some farmers have to resolve how to seed in a very short time with a lack of equipment. The Softer disc cultivator can also help with seedbed cultivation in difficult conditions.
With Softer after Tillage

The Softer has discs with an all-perimeter edge with a diameter of 510 mm (560 mm), arranged in two rows with independent maintenance-free mounting and an aggressive turning angle. Thanks to the independent mounting of each disc, the Softer perfectly levels even raw wet spring soil.

For such conditions, rollers with strip soil compaction are suitable, such as the double ring (DRR), the rubber (LTX) roller, or the segment (SDR) roller.

The low pulling resistance of the machine is a great advantage that one of the Softer machine owners, Ing. Jiří Petr, appreciated last year during seedbed cultivation at the foothills of the Orlické Mountains. Softer opened the soil after the winter very well, levelled it laterally and compacted it again.

However, the main use of the Softer disc cultivator remains the same: the first quick post-harvest stubble cultivation with perfect and even all-area undercut, and repeated stubble cultivation with a high demand for speed and quality of processing, as well as the option to seed subsidiary crop.

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