Modular sowing machine Falcon PRO now with section control and new dispensers

21. 4. 2020
The new modular sowing machine Falcon 6 PRO Fert+ works from autumn season at AGROSEM cooperative – seeds producer in Stěžery. After 6 years of good experience with the first Farmet Falcon 6 PRO disc seed drill, they decided to buy the new Falcon from the FARMET company. The Falcon PRO Fert + (2020) is the second Falcon seed drill in AGROSEM Stěžery. On the machine, they especially appreciate the performance, the highly resistant pneumatic roller, the high variability (modularity) of the machine and the excellent crop quality production. A great advantage is the possibility of sowing poppy, which the company specializes in.
Modular sowing machine Falcon PRO now with section control and new dispensers

Falcon 6 PRO is improved this year in many ways. The most important innovation is the system for automatic section control.  In connection with automated GPS navigation from the German company Müller Elektronik, up to 64 sections can be controlled. It is therefore possible to close each individual coulter of a narrow row seed drill with a working width of up to 9 meters. And quickly and efficiently for optimum connection of individual working rides on rugged land and long wedges. The machine is also equipped with new dispensers with exchangeable  rollers. The dosing system is metal, stainless steel and show higher precision for sowing small seeds such as poppy seeds.

Another significant advantage is the adjustable sowing section allowing variable use of one section for sowing all conventional crops in combination with the disc pre-treatment section or the STRIP chisel pre-processing section. You can optionally choose a row distance of 12.5 / 25 cm or 15/30 cm. Especially for rapeseed sowing the 25 cm row distance in combination with the STRIP section of the same distance is optimal. The sowing is then carried out in one line into the treated soil in strips up to a depth of 20 cm with the fertilizer being stored in the supply depth. The pre-processing sections (disk, STRIP or spring chisel) are aggregated to the machine by a quick-change system.AGROSEM seed cooperative Stezery uses most of the cultivated land for seed multiplication, for which it is very important to ensure the optimal number of individuals per area over the whole area of ​​the plot. For this reason, they chose the rich options Falcon PRO Fert + in the 2020 series, including automatic section control. Section control also ensures significant financial savings through optimum consumption of certified seed.

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