Spring sowing by sowing machine Falcon PRO in AGD Senice

AGD Senice a.s. farms in district of Nymburk on medium heavy to heavy humus soil. All operations must be done in a short time in optimal moisture soil conditions.

Modular sowing machine FALCON 6 PRO is in AGD Senice equipped with pre-processing 4rows tine (cultivator) section for full-area soil processing which is suitable for spring crops in moisture condition because it keeps moisture in soil.

They usually sow directly into rough furrow. Due to the mild course of this winter, during which the soil did not freeze and February brought above-average rainfall, they decided to prepare land by peak harrows for sowing spring barley in range of 150 ha and by pre-sowing combinator Kompaktomat for sowing peas in range of 40 ha.

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