Verso cultivator in wet spring soil

19. 3. 2020
The Verso cultivator is the ideal machine for spring processing of flattened wet soil. In wet conditions with high throughput, it can perfectly processed naturally flattened soil after autumn plowing or stubble cultivation and level the surface for seedbed preparation.
Verso cultivator in wet spring soil

The levelled loosened soil surface dries faster and allows early sowing. The chisels shallow loose the soil and mix the plant residues well. A machine that runs on wheels and does not have rollers is not packed on wet soil, as is often a problem with machines when working on rollers.

Five rows half mounted chisel cultivator with working width 6 – 9 m processed soil up to 10 cm at  speed of 8 - 15 km / h. The hydraulic depth adjustment directly from the tractor cab allows the driver continuously adjust the working depth to fit the current soil conditions. This function is great for example at the headlands when levelling deeper furrows. This way we can prevent the machine from clogging, for example by lifting it.

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