Precautions related to COVID-19

1. 4. 2020
Precautions related to COVID-19

Dear business partners, dear customers.

Farmet a.s. has taken adequate safety measures to ensure safe working conditions for its employees and consequently to their families and their surroundings in the context of the spread of COVID-19.

We have set up work activities towards to limit direct contact of people in production. We reduced the concentration of workers at individual workplaces, divided the workplaces and created new temporary offices. All of this, of course, partially limits the standard full operation of the company. But we all work at full capacity and try to accomplish our obligations as agreed, even in a smaller number and more limited conditions. Production and distribution of products, including service, continues.

Perhaps everyone is aware of the importance of agriculture and food production, and their even greater importance and the position necessary for the functioning society in such a difficult time. Spring sowing is in progress and it is necessary to establish stands for the subsequent good harvest, we cannot stop. Agriculture is an operation that cannot be reduced and we cannot allow it at the moment. We thank all farmers and farms companies that they take care of their fields, livestock production and provide food for all of us.

A big thanks belongs to Farmet employees for their work in difficult conditions and with lower number of employees. We also thank our sales representatives in more than 25 countries around the world for adapting to temporary conditions.

Farmet is ready to respond to your requirements. Therefore, we assure you that we continue to produce products for your needs, our e-shop with spare parts is working, including distribution and providing service to our machines. We are always at your full service!

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