Falcon 3 COMPACT

5. 5. 2020
It has been three years Falcon 3 COMPACT succsesfully working by the Polish border in hilly area of the north of the Czech Republic owned by a farmer Mr. Doležal.
Falcon 3 COMPACT

In previous years, the seed drill was aggregated in a Zetor Forterra 140 HSX, this year COMPACT was newly aggregated with Valtra of 154 horsepower. Zetor is used for seedbed cultivation before COMPACT, with the Farmet KOMPAKTOMAT K 400 PS cultivator. These two machines are not the only ones from Farmet, which Mr. Doležal owns. In total, you would find six machines Farmet brand on his family farm.

Falcon 3 COMPACT, with a sowing depth setting of 4 cm and a working speed of 13.5 km / h as you can see sowing spring barley, which he managed very well.




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