Poppy seeding with Falcon 3 COMPACT in Ostřešany

We visited the Houdek family farm in small village Ostresany in the Pardubice region to finish poppy seeding. They use the compact Farmet Falcon COMPACT seed drill with a working width of 3 meters for sowing all narrow-row crops (cereals, rape, legumes, poppies, etc.).
Poppy seeding with Falcon 3 COMPACT in Ostřešany

Poppy sowing is very demanding for metering accuracy due to low sowing dose and small seed size. Presowing cultivation and soil reconsolidation It is very important before sowing.

The farm is very safistfied with precise cultivation with presowing combinator Farmet Kompaktomat preparing the poppy seeds field. However, only the autumn processing had to be sufficient here. The soil was naturally solid. It is very important is reconsolidation in front of each sowing coulter a by pneumatic roller to stabilize the seed in the soil and ensure a reliable emergence while ensuring sufficient soil moisture.

Poppies are sown at speeds of up to 14 km / h. The high sowing speed achieves the required daily output. "We have been using the Falcon seed drill on our farm for the third season already and it is already a third seed drill from Farmet," says Mr. Houdek, co-owner of the farm and several other tillage machines of this brand. We would like to thank Mr. Houdek for a short interview and wish him many more well prepared and sown hectares of our technique for the next years.

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