Spring cultivator ploughshares for Fantom 1250 PRO

6. 4. 2020
Fantom 1250 PRO in configuration for early spring pre-sowing preparation is used for example in company AG Maiwald in eastern Bohemia.
Spring cultivator ploughshares for Fantom 1250 PRO

The machine Fantom 1250 PRO in aggregation with CASE QUADTRAC has been used in AG Maiwald already for three years. Fantom PRO is universal ploughshare cultivator for efficient shallow soil processing up to the depth of 15 cm, for stubble cultivation or late autumn soil processing without rollers. Its’ main usage is mainly since harvest to late autumn when soil can be processed for winter without rollers into coarser structure for winter moisture absorption.  For this purpose it is standardly equipped with massive tineholders with chisels or with arrow ploughshares. It is possible to install for spring pre-sowing preparation of heavier soils, instead of massive tineholders, two flexible cultivator tineholders with narrow chisels for fine shallow soil processing without the risk of big clods formation. Quality and early pre-sowing preparation can be ensured with a single ride due to the combination of rear bar levelling section with crumbling strip roller. They easily rebuild Fantom 1250 PRO at AG Maiwald to standard configuration with massive tineholders for summer cultivation after harvest and for autumn tillage before sowing. They highly appreciate at AG Maiwald great machine variability which enables the use of cultivator Fantom PRO for most of the year.

Currently, Famet offers these working widths of Fantom machines:
6,5m / 8m / 8,5m / 10,5m / 12,5m for performance of tractors 270 – 620HP.

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