Falcon 3 COMPACT working in mountains

15. 6. 2020
In the hilly area of the foothills of the Orlicke Mountains, Falcon 3 COMPACT works reliably during spring sowing of barley, wheat and peas. It is not the first Farmet seed drill working in demanding conditions of this region. One of the companies used the first generation of seed drills manufactured by Farmet, the seed drill BSK 300 with which they had good experience for many years. This seed drill has been used successfully on their fields for more than 20 years.
Falcon 3 COMPACT working in mountains

Falcon 3 COMPACT is light and compact machine with low tensile power and high stability. It fits very well to hilly terrain and rugged fields. The driver greatly appreciates the small turning radius at headlands. At the same time it is fast on long flat area. Falcon 3 Compact is universal for medium and smaller farms. The Falcon COMPACT seed drill was aggregated with a 150 hpNew Holland. Depending on the crops, the sowing depth was set between 3-5 cm and a working speed of 8-12 km / h. Basic tillage was done in the autumn. Surface application of fertilizer and then immediately sowing in the spring. Pre-sowing cultivation with leveling for quality sowing was provided directly by the pre-processing disc section of the Falcon seed drill.

Ing. Stanislav Horník
sales manager Farmet a. s.


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