Sowing corn after strip-till

25. 5. 2020
The principle of sowing technology after strip tillage is the sowing of a wide-angle crop (corn) with a planter into the belt tillage.
Sowing corn after strip-till

In ZEMA Markvartice near Jičín, succsessfully cultivated strip tillage and precisely sowed corn by planter after growing green rye thanks to the Farmet technique. There are middle soils at a height of 400 meters above sea level with an above-average total precipitation.

The previous crop was green rye with a high yield and a very strongly developed and compact root system. In Markvartice, there are also options for applying fertilizer to the total number of users.

The first operation was strip tillage with Strip Till machine of Farmet with working width 6 meter and 8 working organs with spacing of 75 cm. During spring processing, especially of dense vegetation with narrow aggressive chisels, which cultivate soil into loosed strips about 17 cm wide. The cultivation depth was chosen to be 20 cm. From the front hopper was applied the fertilizer Amofos + urea at a dose of 150 kg / ha in two horizons: 12 cm and 18 cm. Required towing power for Striptill is from 30 HP / for one chisel.

For striptill and planting are used navigation systems (RTK) and tractor autopilots to ensure right placing of seeds in the middle of the cultivated strip in the same lines. The technology is very effective as an anti-erosion solution. Soil absorbtion is very high in heavy rains. Moist soil after strip tillage dry out on the surface and it had ideal moisture on the surface for quality sowing.

On the other hand in dry season loosened strips ensure soil moisture important for great emergence. Plant residues are suitable for chemical treatment before emergence.

The following operation was sowing corn with a planter Farmet IMPACT 8 PS to a depth of 6 cm with a sowing of 95 thousand seeds per ha. The advantage of Impact planter is adjustment of the hydraulic down pressure of seeding units from the tractor cab up to a height of 300 kg / seeding unit. The high down pressure ensures equal seeds placing to the depth and in a precisely defined distance. Either high machine stability and important covering rows for activation of soil moisture rise for equal emergence.

The precise dosing is controlled by ME ISOBUS PLANTER-Controller from Muller Elektronik. Precise dosing sensors show online possible rate of doubles or missing seeds. Thaks to electronic system the operator can use  maximum sowing speed by actual soil condition. During the sowing was used fertilizer Amofos + urea in dose of 150 kg/ha under seed placing. Required towing power is from 140 HP.

Technology of strip tillage with subsequent sowing wide row crops can be a solution for real problems with water deficit in soil and rain precipitation absorption. That is why is the technology important anti erosion technology and solution in corn planting on hilly fields.

Ing. Martin Kořízek

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